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Choose the in-ground pool adapted to your needs thanks to our vast selection of models, shapes and designs. Whether your backyard is large or small, the oasis of your dreams is within your reach.

The Traditional In-Ground Pool with Steel Panels.
Bathing enthusiasts looking for an affordable in-ground pool will be delighted by the Trévi Acero, which has been produced for several generations according to a proven process. The ideal choice for a first in-ground pool.

Simply sumptuous, the Prestige in-ground pool is available in the shape and size of your choice. Made entirely of concrete, this high-quality pool is durable and resistant.

Being entirely manufactured in Quebec, this self-supporting reinforced concrete pool offers an unparalleled solidity with its 9.5 in. thick panels. There is no loss of volume thanks to the design of its structure.

With its modern and refined look, the Trevi Futura is sure to impress. Its unique concrete structure offers unparalleled strength and flexibility to adapt to any type of terrain and decor.

Water enthusiasts looking for an affordable in-ground pool will love the Trevi Acero, built according to time-tested techniques. An ideal choice for a starter in-ground pool.

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