The Trevi brand’s success is a result of our customer insight. We can rapidly identify customer needs and react quickly: our strengths lie in product research and development as well as technological innovation. Because Trevi controls every aspect of the product development, manufacturing and installation processes, our customers benefit from high-quality, high-standard products.

Our Core Values

Trevi Pools & Spas believes that its ongoing efficiency, as well the company’s future, are based on the trust we inspire among our customers, our collaborators, our shareholders and our public and private partners. Therefore, Trevi expects its associates and contributors to exhibit these same essential core values: integrity, respect and cooperation.
A code of ethics is distributed to all of our associates: it describes the principles that should guide the behavior of all of our partners at all times. This includes respecting the rules of free competition, the integrity and reliability of our internal control processes, accounting practices and financial information, following established laws, rules and best practices guidelines relative to safety, health and environmental responsibility.
Our associates and collaborators are the heart and soul of Trevi’s corporate culture. They have always been considered our company’s main asset. Trevi encourages every collaborator to adopt an exemplary professional attitude that reaches above and beyond simply abiding by laws, rules and common courtesy.

Leadership Team

Jesse Piteau

Born and raised in a small town in Ontario. Jesse came to Alberta to strive for a faster pace environment. He started working in pool construction and maintenance in March 2007. He is a father of one to Mason Piteau. He loves his community. Volunteering, sponsoring, coaching and playing sports is often where you’ll find him spending his free time.

Paul Tallon

Paul moved to Calgary in 1990, from Quebec and Ontario. For 16 years he worked in home and landscape construction. This allowed him the skill set required to build swimming pools. In 2006, Paul started with Trevi Pools as a Construction Manager, after gaining the respect and experience in the pool industry Paul and Jesse became franchise partners of the Calgary location in 2014.
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