The best way to have a crystal clear water in your pool and spa is prevention. Here are some tips to help keep your pool and spa sparkly! Trevi Pools & Spas also offers difference maintenance packages, so you can go on enjoying your pool / spa without the hassle.

Water Testing

Whether you choose to use chemicals or an electrical device to disinfect your pool or spa, you should maintain a minimal concentration of disinfectant to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms that cause disease.

The exact quantity of disinfectant you will need depends on many changing factors such as the number of bathers, the frequency of use, water contamination by substances such as suntan oils and creams, the water temperature and the recent amount of rainfall. Also, adequate water balance (levels of disinfectant, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness) as well as a proper concentration of copper sulphide-based algaecide must be maintained to keep the water surface clean.

In addition to using the chemical or device according to the instructions on the label, you must test the water every day to determine if the sanitizer level in your pool or spa is sufficient to protect bathers against micro-organisms of disease. You can analyze the water using a good quality test kit, or simply bring a water sample to a Trevi Pools & Spas store.

Visit our Calgary showroom for a complete selection of Trevi’s own pool and spa chemicals. We use Trevi chemicals for all pools we maintain in both Calgary and Kelowna.

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