We are proud to support the following suppliers: Hayward, Cover Star, Covana, Dynasty Spas, Sanimarc, Trevi Pools & Spas Fabrication & Branded Maintenance Chemicals.

Brand Partners

Coverstar systems not only keep our family, friends, neighbours and pets safe but also provide the added benefit of enjoying a cleaner and more energy efficient pool. And, with the flip of a switch, our Automatic Safety Cover systems are easy and convenient to operate multiple times a day, allowing pool owners the peace of mind to know that your Automatic Safety Cover will provide safety and security you want whenever you are not using your pool.

Coverstar Website  |  Warranty Info

Hayward is committed to crafting superior products that never ask you to compromise value for performance. With our trade-exclusive Expert Line® products, Totally Hayward® rewards, and more, choosing Hayward means you’re Building Better.

Hayward Website  |  Warranty Info

Hygiene is much more than simply sanitizing your hands when you walk through the door. It’s having the right PRODUCTS, EQUIPMENT, METHODS and PROTOCOLS to keep your spaces clean and compliant with sanitary requirements. In short, it means creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Sanimarc Website

Dynasty Spas is a family business out of Athens Tennessee, part of the Trevi group of companies. In business for over 28 years, Dynasty was built on a friendship between 2 founders and their vision to produce quality spas, with lifelong service, that would be a “daily vacation” where people would be able to relax, enjoy each other’s company, as well as some well deserved quiet time.

Dynasty Website  |  Warranty Info

Covana systems are more than just hot tub covers. They are also completely automated gazebos which offer you maximum comfort, safety and intimacy. Made in Canada using the latest, state-of-the-art materials, our products are designed to endure the most rigorous climates while saving you money on unnecessary water, heating bills and maintenance products.

Covana Website  |  Warranty Info

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